About VOW!

 Voices of Women (VOW) is a community organization designed to unite women so that their voices are heard fairly in the larger community.  We host Women in Leadership training, maintain the City Greens Community Garden, and offer micro-loans and micro-savings accounts for both adults and children.
Our Housing NOW program will provide affordable housing with the help of local developers.

Mission Statement
The mission of VOW is to unite women so their voices are heard fairly in order to build a safe and welcoming diverse community.  

Our Vision is that:
  • Women, particularly mothers, are decision-makers. 
  • People bring diverse experience and knowledge to our efforts. 
  • Everyone contributes their efforts, ideas and hopes. 
  • We value active, consistent and continuous participation. 
  • People will be respected for their contributions. 
  • No contributions will be allowed to be diminished by anyone

Action Statement
We are community women in action for a new direction.