On November 14,2017 Voices Of Women had the pleasure of having lunch with Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed. Midtown Community Services, Midtown Men`s Club, St. Cronan`s Church and community members also attended this up-close and personal luncheon. The purpose was to put a face and understanding to all of our names.   
Ms. Bobbie Sykes and Mrs. Ernestine Isaiah along with Sen. Jamilah  Nasheed.

Voices Of Women Staff couldn`t let the opportunity to take a photo with a powerful women pass them by.
Pauline Earl and Nyree Thomas: Community Advocates


August 3,2017

The Women In Leadership Class is not only attending Coffee Talk at Midtown Community Services they are leading the conversation. They are doing a great job. 

November 15, 2017  
VOW`s Community Advocates Pauline Earl and Nyree Thomas ran into John Pertzborn from Fox2Now at the Manchester Post Office and he asked us "What's on fire?". We said a warehouse on 39th Street. He said he left his iPhone otherwise he would have told us about the fire. He took a moment to take a pic with us.
Us: Then we introduced ourselves to him and told him we are
Voices Of Women.
Him: Oh yeah I've heard of you guys
Us: So if you know us how come you haven't called us to do an interview?
Him: How come you haven't called me...
Us: Like if you keep your phone on you maybe just maybe we will.
Too funny. Hey John when you get your phone call us 314-896-3VOW


Sherry Thurman (VOW Member) stirring up her witches brew at the "Not So Scary Fun Fair" at Midtown Community Center.