(WIL) Women In Leadership Class

Congratulations Women In Leadership Class February 16, 2018

Kris Jackson
Kris held a brick wall up everyday.
It didn`t take long for her to realize
she is amongst women who have walked
 in her shoes. The wall came down and she
has been exploding with power since.
Deborah Dillard
Deborah came to the class ready to listen, learn
and take notes. Little did she know that her energy 
and perserverance was much needed in the class. 
The ladies vibed off her positive ora. Power comes 
in different forms.

                     Amy Chagani
Amy was excited from the first day to the 
last day. After asking multiple questions
everyday she is very clear of her self intrest. 
Her future community building interest is on 
the top of her list.
Debra Black

                           Rosie Myle
                           Rosie felt like she couldn`t take the class because she has a toddler. The Village naturally stepped in
                   and assisted in child care to help. Surround yourself with people who will help build you "UP" not "TEAR"you down.

Women education is necessary for every female member of the society as the education tailors the talent of women. There are many successful professional women who are working in different fields. They are a source of inspiration for the rest of women class. They are scientists, pilots, army girls, teachers, singers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, leaders and much more.



Looking for women to sign up and start the next session. If you are interested and want to become a member of VOW and put your leadership skills in action then call and add your name to the list.

Call (314)896-3869 leave your name and contact info.




Women In Leadership (WIL) gives the women the opportunity to learn and nurture skills, share life experiences, build community and capacity among neighborhood women. WIL was founded in 2009 starting with 15 women in the community. These women continued to work together and created more programs as such to help the community in varies ways.
Women still find ourselves facing tough challenges. We get mixed messages and mixed reactions as we take on leadership roles. And all too often, we get only mixed results when leading others. This class is designed to build on our inherent talents and strengths to help us become more effective, more confident and more successful.

This is a 2-week class that is facilitated by past graduates. Collectively we have put together a program that will build your skills fast to become a highly effective, inspiring leader others are eager to follow. There will be guest speaker’s thru-out the course telling their stories and/or giving presentations in their field. 

   From 9am-12noon beginning with a prayer we are focused and eager. This class is a stepping stone to getting women more involved in the community. After each session the graduates get involved in an existing program or create an action plan that will revolve thru-out the community. The importance of a leadership class is just the beginning. The ending results are endless. 

                          In this class you will learn
• Strategies for effective leadership at all levels — in every situation
• Discipline and feedback skills for improving
• Assertive communication techniques to ask for what you need directly and tactfully
• How to tell your story and connect with other women
• Tools for handling confrontation and conflict with ease
• Motivation strategies for bringing out the best in yourself and others
• Lessons and insight from people in leadership position

 "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."  ~Margaret Mead~


Women In Leadership Class of "2017"

Facilitators and Guest Speakers

  • Thanks to Bobbie Sykes (Chair of VOW) as she battled thru health issues making sure the class was successful. You are a strong and phenomenal woman. Thanks for all you have done, all that you do and all that you plan to do.

  • Thanks to Nyree Thomas, one of the Community Advocates, for helping facilitate the class and making sure the class was on track. 

  • Thanks to Pauline Earl for making sure the class was conducted in an orderly fashion. It took a lot of hard work putting together all the materials and paperwork so that everyone would have everything they need. Getting the job done and no procrastinating (her motto). Great job on balancing between attending the class and getting the class together.

  • David Gerth from MCU was a Blessing in disguise. Your unlimited help and resources helped us help ourselves. The tools that you offered to the class was needed and very much appreciated. 

  • Michael Atty and Sister Gail from MCU showed the class how to do a "Call of Action". The women are now ready to conquer with an iron fist. Thanks for encouraging confidence. 
  • Thanks to Justine Petterson for coming and educating the women on finance and offering them the tools to help become financially secure. Establishing credit is one of the most important things you`ll ever do.

*Leah  Clyburn from MCU worked with the ladies on One-On-Ones. Communication is the most important key to leadership success.
*Naomi Carranza is an undocumented student at St. Louis Community College. She is a speaker on the topic of immigration and shares her personal testimony of the difficulties in becoming a citizen. Her "POWER" wont allow anyone to hold her back from fighting for whats right.

*Rev. Susan Sneed from MCU spoke with the class about "Building Power" and "Path to Power". Encouraging the women to believe in themselves and pursue even their most intimidating and inconvenient dreams.
*Dylan Naylor from City Greens Market informed the class about an opportunity to help the community eat healthier and receive a stipend at the same time. Building a healthier and better community.

*Rev. Karen Anderson from MCU uplifted the class with  encouraging and faith-filled words. Have "Faith" and "Believe" in yourself.



 Pauline Earl                  Yvette Greene                                                          Anita Hughes

     Mosezetta Lee                   Celia Brown                       Eletha  Harris

          Audrey Henley               Darcel Perkins                   Delores Thomas                         
Rochelle Coleman