(WHHB) Womens Helping Hands Bank

 Women` Helping Hand Bank

The Women`s Helping Hands Bank (WHHB) was founded in 2008 by women in the community to help themselves and other women become bankable. The bank offers financial education to provide families with tools to reach financial stability.

                 The bank offers micro-loans and micro-savings accounts for both adults and children.
As of 2017 there has been over $60,000 loaned out to low income families. These loans has helped to prevent the women from using predatory lending like Pay-Day Loans. Borrowing money in this economy is not easy. But even if you are desperate to get a loan, don't let your guard down. Predator creditors are on the loose. These unscrupulous lenders prey on borrowers using deceit, manipulation, sales pressure and even fraud to get them to sign on the dotted line. This is why we encourage you to get involved with VOW. We focus on building a trust relationship with our bankers. This is the first step to becoming eligible to apply for a loan. We do "FACE CHECKS" not "CREDIT CHECKS". Trust is key. We practice fair lending and we trust that you will become a member of the Bank and help keep it functioning. The monthly payments are affordable and manageable for all. 

  • It`s $10 a year to become a WHHB Member and you can help make the Bank available for others as well as yourself. 
  • Keep the Bank growing by participating in the events and fundraisers.
  • Recruit others to join.
  • Encourage others to practice other means of financial stability.
  • Remember to build "TRUST" 

Each year VOW has a  Bake Sale along with Midtown Community Services Trivia Night located at St. Francis Xavier College Church. All the proceeds go to the Tiny Hands Bank for matching funds. This program allows the children to save for 10 months and receive matching funds at the end of each session. Each child is given a bank book to record deposits, goals for saving and ways they will earn the money to deposit. It`s important to educate children about finance at an early age in hopes to prevent financial mishaps. Tiny Hands Bank is for children from K-G thru Senior year in High School. There has been approximately 280 Tiny Hands Savers since the WHHB started.

Tiny Hands Bank Bake Sale Fundraiser